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Last updated 10:50 AM on 26 April 2017

Dear Year 4 parents,


The application process for Year 5 opportunity class placement in 2018 is about to begin.


Important dates are as follows:


Wednesday 26 April 2017: Online applications open


Tuesday 2 May 2017: Information session being held at Wollongong Public School on Tuesday the 2nd of May, from 4.00pm in 34P classroom


Friday 12 May 2017: Online applications close


Tuesday 16 May 2017: Principals' processing site opens


Friday 2 June 2017: Principals' processing site closes


Wednesday 26 July 2017: Opportunity Class Placement Test


Parents will be able to access the online application at


Opportunity class application information and Information bulletin for primary schools will be sent to all schools by 26 April 2017.