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Last updated 10:50 AM on 26 April 2017

Dear Year 4 parents,


The application process for Year 5 opportunity class placement in 2018 is about to begin.


Important dates are as follows:


Wednesday 26 April 2017: Online applications open


Tuesday 2 May 2017: Information session being held at Wollongong Public School on Tuesday the 2nd of May, from 4.00pm in 34P classroom


Friday 12 May 2017: Online applications close


Tuesday 16 May 2017: Principals' processing site opens


Friday 2 June 2017: Principals' processing site closes


Wednesday 26 July 2017: Opportunity Class Placement Test


Parents will be able to access the online application at https://education.nsw.gov.au/selective-high-schools-and-opportunity-classes/year-5.


Opportunity class application information and Information bulletin for primary schools will be sent to all schools by 26 April 2017.