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Last updated 8:39 PM on 2 February 2017

Dear Parents,

I'd like to issue a warm welcome to all our students for 2017, and I particularly would like to acknowledge students who are new to our school ā€“ around 100 of you at this stage! We have 28 new students in our year 5 opportunity class, almost 60 kindergarten students and quite a few others across the school.

We've had some quite dramatic changes in our staffing with Miss Melanie Paterson who relieved as principal in my absence last year obtaining a principal's position at Stanwell Park PS; Assistant principals Mr Elhage and Mrs Fabian Carter both taking up temporary positions in other schools for 2017. A full staffing list for 2017 will be published shortly.

We welcome Mrs Samantha Neaves as a new permanent member of staff; she is teaching Kindergarten and brings with her many years of experience and a passion for quality teaching and learning and also Mrs Trish Roberts who is replacing Mrs Fabian-Carter for the year; Mrs Roberts is teaching our 4-5 class.

We begin this year with a strong commitment to providing quality educational experiences and opportunities to every student in our school, and all our teaching staff ae already working together to ensure that this happens. In the next few days we will be offering Meet-the-teacher sessions for every class, so that you have an opportunity to meet with your child's class teacher and ask any questions that you might have around classroom operation, our expectations of students and your expectations of our school.

I would like to remind our 2016 families and advise our new families that one of our major logistical challenges At Wollongong PS is the use of the Pick-up / Drop-off zone in Church Street. A full briefing regarding its operation is available for you here (docx 15 KB)

We trust that all our students have had a safe and happy return to school.

Kind regards,

Harold Cosier