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Last updated 11:03 AM on 1 May 2018

Dear Parents,

Welcome to 2018 at Wollongong Public School.

For many of you, it is welcome back, for a considerable number of families it is welcome to your new school, and I trust that you will enjoy your time here with us.

We begin the year with quite a number of new faces on our staff, as a number of positions were permanently filled, which has meant that some of our temporary teachers have moved on to gain positions in other schools.

We welcome as new permanent teachers Miss Laura Lopez (Year 2 teacher), Mrs Sarah Critoph ((Year1-2 teacher), Mrs Simone Sargeson (Year 5-6 teacher) and Mr Stephen McQueen (Library teacher). Both Mrs Sargeson and Mr McQueen had been engaged here last year in a temporary capacity, so we are very pleased to now have them as permanent staff.

New temporary teachers who will be working with us this year are Mrs Melanie Beckinsale (Y5/6), Mrs Jenny Lewis (Y3/4), Miss Sarah Morley (Y5/6), Ms Leah Early (Y3/4) and Mr Jacob Constantine (Learning and Support teacher). Mr Constantine arrived late last year and taught the Year 5 Opportunity Class when Mr Campbell left and we are happy to welcome him back in a different role.

Also returning are Miss Melinda Bridger (5C), Mrs Hartley (Kindergarten), Mrs Roberts (Y1/2) and Miss Wilson (Kindergarten).

Mr Elhage (Y3/4) returns to our permanent staff this year to join Ms Boreland (Y5/6), Miss Gray (Y3/4), Ms Stephenson (6C), Ms Helliwell (5/6), Mr Richards (Y5/6), Mrs Neaves (Kindergarten, Mrs Parker (Y1/2) Mrs Berry (Kindergarten), Mrs Nelson (Y1/2) and Ms Doyle (Y1/2).

Mrs Anne Campbell has taken leave for the year to do some travelling, and we wish her well on her adventures!

We also have our Administration staff of Mrs Fran Finn (School Administration Manager {SAM}) and Mrs Kim Smith (School Administration Officer {SAO}) and Ms Maree Jordan, Mrs Michelle Walker and Mrs Wendy Cook ( also SAOs), while in classrooms we are supported by Mrs Larraine Shaw and Ms Toni-Lee Baker and Mrs Evoon Yacoub who all fill a School Learning Support Officer role. Mrs Yacoub is also taking on a new role as Community Hub Leader, an initiative funded by the Federal Government to support links between schools and non-English speaking families.

Our General Assistant who maintains our grounds is still Mr Brett Summerfield, and our School Counsellor is Mrs Rhonda Meredith.