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Last updated 8:48 PM on 2 February 2017

Dear parents,

As we begin the New Year at Wollongong Public School, it is important to revisit the issue of dropping off and picking up students. Last year, after consultation with a parent group and discussion with the Wollongong City Council Rangers, it was agreed that Wollongong Public School will undertake a new pick up system in the afternoon, starting in Term 3, 2016. 

The following procedure will continue to be used at the school throughout 2017 and its implementation will be supported by the rangers who will be visiting our site regularly.

The following steps will be in place: 

1. New families will be given a laminated card with their surname on it. This will need to be displayed once parents have arrived to pick up their child/ren. Parents may also wish to create their own sign if they wish.

2. Parents need to remain in their car unless they need to buckle in their child into a seat. 

3. The staff member on duty will call out the family name over the microphone for your child/ren to move to the car. 

4. Children will not be dismissed if parents have double parked. 

5. If a parking space is not available, parents will need to drive around the block until a space becomes available. (Please refer to the definitions below). 

What is the difference between ‘No Stopping' and ‘No Parking'? 

No Stopping 

A "No Stopping" sign means no stopping, at any time, not even to quickly drop someone off. 

No Parking 

A "No Parking" sign means you can't park, but you can drop off or pick up passengers or goods without leaving your vehicle (i.e. you must be within three metres of your vehicle). You must attend to your business promptly (within two minutes of stopping your vehicle) Safety tips for drivers using a ‘Drop-off and Pick-up' area 

SAFETY TIPS FOR PARENTS: • Always drop-off or pick-up your child from the designated area, following the school's procedures. • Make sure child/ren use the footpath-side door when getting in and out of a car. • Make sure the hand brake is applied when the vehicle is stationery. • Never double park. • Never park across a pedestrian crossing or driveway. • Never undertake a U-turn in close proximity to the school. 

SAFETY TIPS FOR STUDENTS • Stay buckled up until the vehicle has stopped in the ‘Drop-off and Pick-up' area. • Make sure your school bag and other items are in a safe position, eg on the floor. • Be ready to get in or out of the car with your belongings when the car has stopped and you have unbuckled your seatbelt. • Always get in and out of the backseat of the vehicle through the safety door – the rear footpath-side door. • Wait until your name has been called out before going to meet your parents. 


Thank you in advance to all parents/caregivers for their support in this new initiative to ensure that the safety of the children at Wollongong Public School is our highest priority. 

Kind Regards,

WPS Staff


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