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Last updated 12:38 PM on 7 September 2016


  • We will be departing Wollongong Public School at 7.20am on Thursday the 8th of September
  • It is expected that everyone will be at school by 6:50am as the roll will need to be marked and baggage loaded.
  • We will be returning at approximately 7.00pm on Friday the 9th of September. We ask that parents do not park in the bus zone.
  • Communication: If you wish to contact your child, you can call the school office during school hours on 4228 9120 and leave a message that will be passed on. If there is an emergency and you need to speak to your child outside of school hours you may call the school mobile on 0423239060 and leave a message.


    We will also be making updates on the WPS twitter page (@WollongongPs) and skoolbag app.

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